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Why He Loses Interest?

For years women have been told to play hard to get and the man will chase her. This is terribly wrong. If I am pursuing a woman I am interested in and asked her out 3 -4 times and each time she was unavailable, well I can promise you I am not going to ask her out again because she is clearly not available for dating. No matter how much I like someone, I can't pursue someone that is not available.

But, when you are being yourself and available why do men lose interest?

Men are losing interest because you are not making them feel something on your dates. What does that mean?

Let me break it down into a list:

1. You need to have the top 5 qualities he is looking for in a partner. For example, maybe he wants someone compassionate, good conversationalist, handles problems well, positive attitude, and comes from a big great family. (If he ends up not pursuing you because you don't have his 5, no sweat, maybe he didn't have your 5 either. Onto the next guy)

2. If you are enjoying yourself, make him feel that. How do you do that? I will never forget my 3rd date with my now live in girlfriend. We just spent a day at the beach and were walking back to the car. She said, "This is the best date of my life." I said, "What!? You are Joking?" I remember thinking, I am sure some charming guy must have one upped me with a vacation to the Alps, with a romantic dinner, and maybe even being serenaded by Boys to Men or something spectacular. Quite, frankly to this day I am sure someone in her past must have done something amazing.

But, it doesn't matter, at this point in her head and in my mind that moment forever lives as the best date of her life and mine. At that very moment I felt something. I felt, happy, excited, and successful.

What did all this mean to me?

1. It made me think that I could plan simple dates, be myself, and I can make this woman happy.

2. If it is this easy to make her have the time of her life, maybe she is the right perso