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Dating Coaching Services for Women

  1. Are you busy, but still want to find a high quality man efficiently?

  2. Do you have a career that intimidates men?

  3. Are you tired of getting dates with the wrong men?

  4. Have you not prioritized dating until now?

  5. Are you tired of men: who are emotionally unavailable, committed to being single, or maybe even married/in a relationship?

  6. Are you concerned that time is running out?

If You Answered "Yes" to These Questions - We Can Help You!

dating coach for women

How We Get Women into Relationships 83% of The Time:


Here at EZ Dating Coach our mantra is make every action calculated, efficient, and 100% necessary, thus, wasting zero time.  To start, we use online dating to provide clients with high-quality dates.  Our approach is backed by millions of data points that have been provided by multiple leading online dating sites. 

We will help you represent yourself in the best light

mathematically possible and expect to increase your

dating options ten-fold.  With this increase in options,

we will then teach you how to filter out and go

on 1-3 high-quality dates per week.     

After constructing a well-oiled machine to get you dates,

we then work with you to develop a simple, but extremely

effective, Perfect Man List to determine which

promising men you will keep dating and which men

to release immediately. 

Using our approach, our clients typically find themselves

heading towards a committed relationship after meeting about 6-8 potential partners. 

The majority of our clients enter into a relationship around month 4 of working with us, and the following 2 months of our 6 month program is spent ensuring the relationship is one that will last.  (This includes:  Conflict resolution training, understanding men, effective communication, and setting boundaries).  


Stop Reading!  It is time for action!  CLICK HERE to book a 15 minute phone dating strategy session with EZ Dating Coach to start your path to finding love efficiently.   

Request Your

Dating Strategy Session

  • Tired of Men that Won't Commit?


  • Tired of not Getting a 2nd Date?


  • Is Online Dating NOT working for you?


  • Tired of not feeling chemistry on a date?


  • Tired of Dating in General?



Ready for Love?



Setup Your 

Dating Strategy Session 

EZ Dating Coach services all English speaking countries.   We offer our dating advice and coaching services to singles, widowed women, and divorced  women.



Submit a request for appointment HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Coaching Delivered?

Coaching is 1 session every two weeks for 6 months, totaling 12 sessions.  Sessions are completed either over the phone, skype, or in person depending where you live/what your preferred method of communication is.  

What will be covered during coaching sessions?

Possible sessions may be the following topics but each plan will be specifically catered to the needs of the client.

  1. Online Dating - Profile Refresh

  2. Online Dating - Sending/Responding Messages

  3. How To Pick The Right Person For You

  4. Field Training - How To Meet Men In Person (Extended Session)

  5. Body Language Training

  6. Texting and Phone Call Strategy

  7. Five Love Languages Training / How Men and Women Score Points in a Relationship

  8. Understanding Men

  9. Conflict Resolution / Communication With Your Partner

  10. How To Train Your Partner in The Bedroom

  11. Relationship Advice

  12. Discuss Your Current Situation

  13. Anatomy of A Fight

What If I have vacation or a busy work schedule and need to reschedule sessions?

No problem, just give me 24 hours notice.  I will give you 8 months to finish a 6 month program. 

How much does it cost?

Coaching is an expensive investment.  It is meant for you if you have truly prioritized your love life and want to accomplish your dating goals effectively and immediately.   

What is the process of qualifying for coaching?

1. Set up Your 15 Minute Phone Dating Strategy Session

2. Next, if appropriate you will be invited to set up a 90 minute strategy session to uncover:  

  • What Your Perfect Dating Life Looks Like

  • What Your Current Dating Life Is  

  • Why Your Perfect Dating Life Is Not Your Current Dating 

3. At the end of 90 minute session, if as a team we think we can build your perfect dating life:

  • We Sign A Contract

  • You Make Your First Payment

  • We Book Our First Session Together



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