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Dating Coach Services

Coaching for Men

  • Establish Dating Goals

1.  Discuss Short Term/Long Term and How to Obtain!

2.  Set up SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound)  


  • Online Dating Assistance

1.  Set Up Online Profiles 

2.  How to Write and Respond to Messages (Ask about Our Time Saving Proprietary Messaging Methodology!)


  • Live DayTime Training  

1.  How to Succesfully Approach Women During the Day


  • Live NightLife Training 

1.  How to Successfully Approach Beautiful Women at a Bar or Lounge


  • Body Language Training

1. Read a Woman and Know with 100% Certainty If She Wants You!

2. How to Portray Confidence and Make Women Desire You


  • Transition From Emotional Connection to Sex

1.  How to Initiate the First Kiss

2.  How to Initiate Sex on a Successful Date 


  • Early Relationship Advice

1.  How to Go from Dating to a Monogamous Relationship


  • Understand Red Flags and Which Women to Avoid

  • Answers to why you do not get that Elusive 2nd Date?

  • "I Go On Two Dates a Week But I Can’t Find my Future Wife.  Why?"

  • And Much More!


Request A Dating

Strategy Session

  • Approach Perfect 10 Women all the time with confidence


  • Understand Women


  • 0% chance of rejection


  • Use Proven Analytics to Make Online Dating Succesful


  • Find Women that accept You for You



Setup Your 

Dating Strategy Session 

Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Coaching Delivered?

Coaching is 1 session every two weeks for 6 months, totaling 12 sessions.  Sessions are completed either over the phone, skype, or in person depending where you live/what your preferred method of communication is.


What If I have vacation or a busy work schedule and need to reschedule sessions?


No problem, just give me 24 hours notice.  I will give you 8 months to finish a 6 month program. 

How much does it cost?

Coaching is an expensive investment.  It is meant for you if you havetruly prioritized your dating life and wants to accomplish your dating goals effectively and immediately.   

What is the process of qualifying for coaching?

1. Set up Your 15 Minute Phone Dating Strategy Session

2. Next, if appropriate, you will be invited to set up 90 minute strategy session to uncover:  

  • What Your Perfect Dating Life Looks Like

  • What Your Current Dating Life Is  

  • Why Your Perfect Dating Life Is Not Your Current Dating 

3. At the end of 90 minute session, if we want to work together:

  • We Sign A Contract

  • You Make Your First Payment

  • We Book Our First Session Together



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