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Meet Eve

What did you like about coaching?


"I like that it was personalized and Mike was easily accessible for questions even via text.  Although he had a gameplan, the service was catered specifically for me.  He was comfortable to speak with and was professional and cordial." 


"Mike kept me supremely focused and had hard conversations when needed.  Also, I liked that he had goals to accomplish during our sessions and we always completed them.  Finally, it was great that I could vent to him, but I really liked that he gave me actionable items to test out in my dating life."


What did you not like about coaching?


"I don't think it's about what I didn't like, but what I didn't expect I needed. There's a difference between how to date/meet the right guy and how to date this guy/be in a relationship. I soon realized I needed more of the latter."


What was the outcome of working with Mike?


"I met Alex in the first two months of working with Mike.  We are still dating today."

Meet Isabella

What did you like about coaching?


"It's a solid method that works and I needed the coaching and support because

I was tired of dating."


What did you not like about coaching?


"I felt a year of coaching was too long but was afraid six months was too short so flexibility was appreciated." 


What was the outcome of working with Mike?


"Great outcome - I have a wonderufl boyfriend and we are intermingling our lives more and more.  I look forward to the future with him each day and feel happy we're in a great place."

UPDATE:  Isabella is Engaged!

UPDATE:  Married!

Isabella and I At Her Wedding

Meet Jon

What did you like about coaching?

Mike was invaluable in helping me build up my online profile, helping me avoid making common mistakes and really helping me emphasize all my strengths.  I'd highly recommend any guy use him for this part of their dating life.  He's very easy to interact with and learn from, and has just the right mix of allowing self discovery while being willing to step in if you're on the wrong path.  



What did you not like about coaching?


I was initially concerned about the length of time it was going to take, and the number of sessions.  As we went through a few sessions, though, this concern dissipated as I understand that Mike was leading me through a step by step process that he had a firm handle on.  

What was the outcome of working with Mike?

I am dating a great girl I met online during my sessions with Mike, now over 7 months into the relationship.  


Meet Beti

Working with Mike really helped me discover, well... me. It was a great self realization and while I was doing some things right in the dating world, there were a lot of things that needed improvement. Through Mikes coaching and guidance, he really helped me understand how to establish my boundaries, what is important to me in a relationship and in a man, how to let go of past hurt and how to re-position my mindset to let the right man in.  I feel my new confidence is attracting the right men and I am approaching things differently through Mike's coaching. It's not just about finding love, it's about a journey to love and becoming a stronger, self loving you. His style, his understanding and his unique lens on dating, is what I appreciate the most about Mike. Thank you for everything Mike. I know I was challenging at times but you really knew how to put things in perspective. You are one amazing coach! Thank you again. ~ Beti

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