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Relationship Coaching Services for Women

You are here because you wants the tools to make your relationship the best it can possibly be.

We Focus on Training You on The Following Areas:

1 - Effective Communication

2 - Understanding How Men Work - In What Areas Are They Different Than Women and Why

3 - Setting Boundaries

4 - Effective Conflict Resolution

5 - How To Be Irresistible To Your Man

6 - Teaching Your Man To Enjoy Listening To You

7 - Custom Training Based on Your Needs

How Do I Sign Up?

Book a 15 minute phone relationship strategy session to discuss your relationship with Your EZ Dating Coach, Mike, and ensure you qualify.  Book it HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Coaching Delivered?

Coaching is 1 session every two weeks for 6 months, totaling 12 sessions.  Sessions are completed either over the phone, skype, or in person depending where you live/what your preferred method of communication is.  


What If I have vacation or a busy work schedule and need to reschedule sessions?


No problem, just give me 24 hours notice.  I will give you 8 months to finish a 6 month program. 

How much does it cost?

Coaching is an expensive investment.  It is meant for you if you have truly prioritized your love life and wants to focus on making your relationship amazing.  

What is the process of qualifying for coaching?

1. Setup Your 15 Minute Phone Relationship Strategy Session

2. Next, if appropriate, you will be invited to setup a 90 minute strategy session to uncover:  

  • What Your Perfect Relationship Looks Like

  • What Your Current Relationship Is  

  • Why Your Perfect Relationship Is Not Your Current Relationship

3. At the end of 90 minute session, if we want to work together:

  • We Sign A Contract

  • You Make Your First Payment

  • We Book Our First Session Together

What if I want to do the sessions with my significant other?

Sounds great, the process is the same but now two people get to learn instead of one.  



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