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Is Staring at a Guy The Best Way To Get Him To Hit On You?

I have spent years studying online dating and perfecting the process of selecting photos and writing profiles that reflect exactly who you are so the right people send and respond to your messages. This aspect of my business has been wildly successful and makes up the majority of my client's relationships. However, it has always troubled me when single people/clients relied solely on online dating to find someone to date.

They are missing out on various other ways to meet people. Specifically, meeting people in person. Historically, women when they were interested in someone, would stare, maybe smile and hope the guy would come over and chat. To date, this is considered the best "mouse trap" for getting men.

However, based on my studies I have seen this work about 5 - 8% of the time. Thus 95 to 92% of the time the guy never approaches. I am sorry, but staring is NOT the best mouse trap if the best it can do is get an 8% success rate. Do you agree?


So a few years ago, I racked my brain for something simple that would warrant action from men. Boom! Here it is!


Now before you think I am crazy, let me explain. If you wave, it forces him to do something. He can either cower in the corner, smile, or wave back. If you want, you can then wave for him to come over.

Why is this fantastic?

1. Shows you are confident (Confidence is rated the #1 Sexiest Characteristic of the Opposite Sex)

2. Men are afraid of rejection - This removes this fear and communicates you 100% would like to be approached

What are the results of the wave?

85% of wavers get a reaction. I am not saying 85% is favorable. But, 85% of the time the waver knew where she stood with the guy based on his reaction.

You can do this at a bar, at the grocery store, on public transit, literally everywhere. If you are shy and scared, try and get over it. This will work. Try New Things. I have tried this thousands of times, via myself, clients, and friends, it is leaps and bounds more successful than the stare.

Have some fun, wave at a stranger, be playful, and have a conversation and see if you have some similar interests. (At a minimum you at least know you are attracted to the person)

Okay, no more reading, Go Get'em Tiger!

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