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How To Meet Guys

Meeting men during the different phases of your life can vary from being incredible easy to rather difficult. However, at most phases of your life, you are looking for quality over quantity which can certainly be a very daunting task.

But, let me show you how to do it for folks 21-75.

Step 1

In my humble opinion I think the first step is defining what a QUALITY guy looks like for you. I would accomplish this by making a list of every possibly quality you want in a man. Next, I would shrink the list to your top 5 qualities. Now, moving forward you will only pursue men that have your top 5. After a first date, you will look at your list and if the guy has your 5, you will agree to a 2nd date, if he doesn't have your 5, then he won't' qualify for a 2nd date. Easy peezy right!?

Step 2

Now that you have a quality man defined, it is time to figure out how you want to meet this guy. As far as I can tell there is almost an unlimited way to meet men. Some examples: Grocery shopping, ice skating, workout classes, online dating, through friends, religious organizations, meetup groups, Brazilian jui jitsui, running groups, travel groups, and the list goes on for some time. Which one of these methods excites you?

If the list is daunting and you don't know what to do, let me put you into 1 of 2 categories.


1 - Introverted or Just Prefer to Meet Men In the Comfort of Your Home