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How Should Women Get Ready to Fall In Love? (Video)

♥ Interview of Clayton Olson who answers ♥

1:15 - What is neuro linguistics programming? 2:14 - How Should Women Get Ready to Fall in love? 4:55 - If you are dating to receive or get, should you be dating? (perhaps needing financial help) 6:20 - How do you ensure a successful first date? 9:57 - Are the 86% of Men that are looking for love using the same dating process as women? 11:40 - How to know if a man is ready for love? 16:38 - What are some common mistakes women are making to pull away or disappear? 24:11 - What do men really want in a female partner? CARDS Challenged Awe Respected Desire/Desired Safe (emotionally) 34:48 When men disappear should women challenge him? 43.:11 FREE Gift: 8 Secrets to Create a Rock Solid Relationship

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