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Coaching for Ladies


  • Establish Dating Goals


1.  Discuss Short Term/Long Term and How to Obtain!

2.  Set up SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound)  


  • Online Dating Assistance


1.  Set Up Online Profiles

2.  Write/Respond to Messages (Ask about Our Time Saving Proprietary Messaging Methodology!  EZ Dating Coach is the ONLY company using this system.  It will provide unlimited high quality dates.)


  • Taxi Light (Taxis Turn a Light on When Ready for Passengers, Women Can Also Send This Signal!)


1.  Inform the World Your Light is 

2.  Communicate both verbally and non-verbally that you are Single, Available, and Approachable 


  • Live DayTime Training  


1.  How to Meet any Man During the Day


  • Live NightLife Training


1.  How to Meet Men at a bar or lounge setting


  • Body Language Training


1.  How to Know with 100% Confidence if a Guy is into You!

2.  How to Inform a Man You Like Him and Want to be Kissed! 


  • Early Relationship Advice


1.  How to Go from Dating to a Monogamous Relationship


  • Understand Red Flags and Which Men to Avoid

  • Answers to why you do not get that Elusive 2nd date?

  • "I Go On Two Dates a Week But I Can’t Find my Future Husband.  Why? 

  • And Much More!










  • Tired of Men that Won't Commit?


  • Tired of men that play games?


  • Tired of Online Dating?


  • Tired of Dating in General?


  • Tired of not having a life partner?


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