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How To Find A Man At A Holiday Party

December has rolled around. Unlike 2014 the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Fall has actually felt like Fall and here in the greater New York City area we are still gallivanting outside and have not yet went into hibernation.

Nice weather means more people out and about. Not to mention, December means Holiday Parties. If you are anything like me, being single during the holiday can be very lonely. (Fortunately I have a GF this year) However, nothing can keep you warm like the hope of a promising new love interest in your life. So in this article, I am going to give you all the tools you need to approach, meet, build a spark, and even close a phone number with that cute guy at the holiday party.

Step 1

Talk to him.

I know, we have all heard it before, men approach women. Blah, Blah, Blah. This theory is terrible and in the words of Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, "Take it behind the Barn and Shoot It!"

If you want a man this holiday season, GO TALK TO HIM!

Since I am a man, and can honestly say I am very rarely hit on, but the times that I am, I am ecstatic! The woman just made my life so much easier! I didn't have to think of something to say. I didn't have to pretend I could read her signals and know if she wanted to talk to me or not. Nope, none of it. She talked to me! Simply Amazing!

Ladies, wondering what to say. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

Say, "Hi, What is your name?" OR "Hi, How are you?"

No! There are no other openers worth learning. That is it!

Go from there. If the energy is good and the conversation flows, enjoy your new friend.

If it doesn't seem like he is interested, "It was great meeting you, I am going to get back to my friends, chat with you later maybe."

Now, if the conversation wasn't great, it doesn't mean you shouldn't give this person a second chance later in the evening. If you are walking by, feel free to stop by, say hi again and give it another try if you want. (Sometimes people are not expecting to make a new friends and aren't prepared for a stimulating conversation OR they are in a bad mood) Maybe the 2nd go around will be better.

Step 2

"I asked him his name now what?"

We have all been there. We just met a new person and all of sudden neither party has anything to say. The conversation goes silent, awkward, and maybe even uncomfortable.

Alright ladies, I am going to teach you how to resolve the awkward silence with an extremely advanced skill that is very counterintuitive so brace yourselves.

Now, since you approached the man, did the hard part as far as I am concerned. It is his time, to man up and keep the conversation going, especially if he is interested in you.

What I want you to do is stare at him and keep staring for 5 seconds and maybe even give him a gesture as if to lip sync the words "Sooooooooo"

This should force him to break the silence and ask a question or form some sort of a sentence to keep the conversation going.

However, if for some reason he has nothing to say I would have a few canned questions at your disposal.

1. Where are you originally from?

2. What do you do for work?

3. Are you enjoying the party?

I am usually willing to give people the stare twice in a conversation, if they won't be active members in our conversation, I will use the closing from earlier and politely excuse myself.

Step 3

How to Exchange Phone Numbers!

"Well, it has been great talking to you. I wish there was a way that we could see each other again..." Stare at him, bat the eyelashes, do whatever you wonderful creatures do.

He should ask for your number at this point. If for some reason this guy is brain dead, unfortunately many of the relationship oriented men are. Just go for it, "Would you like to exchange numbers?"

There you have ladies, Bingo Bango, You just landed a promising phone number at your Holiday Party. You go Girl!

Happy Holidays.

Your Dating Coach,


If you would like me to write an article about a specific topic, please leave some suggestions below. Or, if you ARE READY to ramp up your dating Life and GET YOUR MAN RIGHT NOW, email me to setup a time at to Chat for FREE.

I can be reached at OR if you want to make life easier just book some time on my calendar at

Looking forward to learning about you and your dating life!

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