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How To Marry A "Player" Who Will Be Faithful

Many of my clients are telling me they are only attracted to men that are non-committal. They describe this guy as charismatic, charming, well spoken, worldly, motivated, financially stable and so much more. The only drawback of course is that he is unwilling to commit to a monogamous relationship. Well, that is a HUGE problem when my clients are looking for a soul mate.

So since my clients want these men I needed to figure out how to deliver them to my clients. After lots of research and experimenting I figured out a way that works 97.5% of the time. I describe that method in this 3 minute youtube video: It Is Possible To Get Non-Committal Men

In case you would prefer to read instead of watch here is some more information.

First, a man is only non-committal until they find a woman to commit to. I spoke with hundreds of proclaimed "x-players" that are now happily married and 97.5% stated they had their fun until they found the one that was too valuable to discard.

Now, the common thread in all these men were their ladies made them wait at least 5 dates and typically until in a committed relationship until sleeping together.

I am going to re-iterate. If you want to land your dream guy, you must not sleep with him until commitment.

You and him need to get to know each other. Both parties need to get vested in each other. Vested means, truly like each other personalities, having similar values, and both parties seeing a future in each other.

Once all of this is accomplished, the non-committal guy will be ready to make a commitment because he has found someone special.


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