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What Are The Free Dating Sites

I feel like every few months there is a new hot dating site. It is almost impossible to keep up. But today I am going to create a list of some of the major sites and apps. I am also going to tell you what each dating site is "known" for in as little words as possible. (This is mostly opinion, I do NOT have hard data on many of these dating sites so feel free to try all of them out and make your own judgments)

  1. Tinder - hook up app

  2. OkCupid - The Best Site When Pursuing People Based on Match%

  3. Plenty of Fish - User are mostly of mid tier affluence

  4. Coffee Meets Bagel - WASPY

  5. Hinge - Introduced to 3rd connection friends on Facebook

  6. Bumble - Girl must send 1st Message

  7. Zoosk - Users are mostly of mid tier affluence

  8. Happn - A lot of time spent, minimal actually dating

Pro Tip: eHarmony is meant for finding love. eHarmony is over populated by females. If you are a guy looking for love, you may want to check out eharmony because you will have less competition.

Which dating site is the best for finding love? (Using Data For This Answer)

Okcupid is the best. If you go on a date with someone with 90% or higher match percentage, 85% of the time you will have a good conversation with that person. You may not fall in love or have chemistry but you will have a good amount of similarities that lead to a good conversation. If you consistently go on dates where the conversation is good, you vastly increase your chances of finding love quickly. I have found that many of my clients only need to meet 6-8 people in order to find someone to be exclusive with.

Want more of my online dating tips?

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