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This May Be The Reason You Are Not Married

In this life we know two things for sure. Your time on earth is limited and you will pay taxes. In today's article we are going to focus on time, more specifically how you can optimize your time so if you want to get married you are not wasting energy on men who are NOT right for you.

So how are you going to do this?

Let's discuss your first date strategy. Some women are going on first dates, keeping conversation PC, and hoping to get out of there with a guy that is intrigued, but not really getting or giving much information. Well, if you are serious about optimizing your love life this is not going to cut it.

A great first date should be light and fun but at the same time start answering many if not most of your questions on whether your date could potentially be a life partner.

Now, I am sure most of you are reading this and thinking I am crazy, and quite frankly you may be right. But, the reason I am coming off crazy is because most people don't realize they can get the information they need from their 1st date in a light and still fun first date way.

Let me show you:

My 5 Needs

1. Takes bad situations in stride - Positive attitude

2. Healthy Lifestyle

3. Can handle social situations / Not need me by her side the whole time

4. Challenges me/Supports me - Be able to learn from each other

5. Independent

So how do I figure out if my date has these qualities: (Numbers Correspond to the Numbers Above)

1. Ask person about their job? Are they excited or say something positive about their work? It is okay to not like your job but it is nice to hear some redeeming qualities about an activity that takes up so much time in a person's life.

2. What are your favorite foods? If answer is something unhealthy, ask, is that a cheat meal or is that your go to daily? Also, say, "you have a great body, what do you do to stay in shape?"

3. This may come in date 5, date 8, or maybe even later. But eventually you will want to bring someone to an event or to meet friends/family. Does your date need to cling onto you or can he mingle on his own?

4. Talk about what you do for work. Are they excited to ask you questions and learn more about what you do?

5. Ask, "What do you do for fun? What do you and your friends do together?" If your date has a big social life, doing a lot of activities he will probably want to maintain them even after you combine lives.

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