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"Women Want Men to Try Harder, and Men Want Women To Make It Easier"

I have now been both a panelist and audience member of The Great Love Debate. Brian Howie, the host, who is both wildly entertaining and well informed on the dynamics of the modern dating world proclaims after 200 shows that "women want men to try harder, and men want women to make it easier".

Let me give an example of how women could make it easier.

1. At the end of a great first date, say, "I had an amazing time, I hope I get to see you again."

Why is this important?

After a first date I suggest not reaching out to see if he contacts you to setup a 2nd date. All men are afraid of rejection and some may not ask you on a 2nd date because they may think you had a bad time on the first date. Saying the statement above removes all ambiguity and makes it abundantly clear that you had fun and still allows the man to hunt his woman and setup the 2nd date.

Let me give examples of how men could try harder.

1. Pay for the bill, open the door, pull out a chair, pick a nice/convenient location for 1st date, calling over texting, bring flowers to a date, and compliment on how pretty you look.