How Many People Do You Need To Meet To Fall In Love?

Everyone wants to know, what are the chances of falling in love? How many dates do I need to go on? How many people do I need to meet?

Well today, I am going to give you the answer. One study says if you meet 1,000 strangers you would be fall in love with either 5 or 6 people. Since most of us just want to fall in love once, this would mean, if you met 200 strangers, one of them could be the love of your life.

I am not sure if 200 is a discouraging or encouraging number, but in my humble opinion, that's not bad.

Now, imagine instead of meeting strangers, you knew definitively what you needed in a partner. If you knew that and then attempted to go on dates with people that qualify, how many people would you need to meet to fall in love?

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