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How to Know If A Guy Likes You Instantly

You are at a bar when all of a sudden a charming, well put together man approaches you and starts engaging in conversation. At first, you are skeptical but after 10 minutes you realize this guy is charming and seems to have good intentions. 10 minutes later you start to like the guy and are wondering if he feels the same way about you.

Which leads us to, what are some signs to know if he likes you instantly?

1. Is he finding reasons to drift closer to you?

When a man finds you enchanting, he will literally start gravitating towards you and slowly inch closer. He may not even realize he is doing it, but it is a good sign.

2. In conversation does he offer up information you didn't ask for?

He is telling you new information to either impress you, make you feel safe, or at least get you to like him/think he is a nice guy.

3. If conversation dies down, does he re-initiate?

He will leave if not interested

4. Touching

Is he looking for reasons to touch you, whether it be the smallest thing, on the arm, middle of the back, or maybe even grazing legs or touching hands. He wants to make physical contact because he is into you.

If these four signs are in place, he is definitely interested in you.

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