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What To Do When He Ghosts

Have you ever went on three dates with a great guy, like Nathan? The conversation flows, he is respectful, charming, and you even feel some butterflies when you think about him. More than that, you have start picturing what a life together could be. How exciting! But wait, out of nowhere, the calls, the texts, they all stop. He must have turned into a ghost, because he has fully disappeared!

What should you do?

I want you to send him 100 text messages in a row. Just kidding, don't do that!

However, I am about to give you the best and easiest advice I have ever given. I want you to do nothing. Let's see if he reaches out. If he does, great, respond like you normally would. If he doesn't well I guess he is not interested.

When I say not interested, I mean to say, he is not looking for what you are offering. It doesn't mean you aren't great, good enough for him, or a wonderful person. It simply means he is looking for something different. Be happy he has figured this out after only three dates instead of after 9 months of dating. Thankfully he has saved both of you a lot of time.


If you ever see this guy at the gym or grocery store make sure to be friendly and grateful that he was courteous enough to cut things off early rather than waste your time. Also, if you are still single when you see him PLEASE PLEASE have no shame to your game and do the following.

Say something like, "Hey, great to see you. You know, I thought you were a really great guy. Obviously, you weren't interested which is perfectly fine, but by any chance do you have any single friends that are just as great as you?"

Why is this the best two sentences ever?

1. You are complimenting someone (Good deed for the day #Done)

2. You know this guy has some of the qualities you want, I bet one of his friends has even more of the qualities you need. You are asking for a referral from someone who probably has access to someone who will be high quality.

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