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Three Steps To Decide Who Gets A Second Date

If you’ve recently been on a first date, odds are you’ve already made a decision on whether or not to go out on a second one. This makes sense. First impressions are vital after all.

But before you reject or accept the next person based solely on your gut instinct, consider focusing on exactly what you need/want in a life partner. Here’s a great three-step system I use with my clients to help them to decide who gets a second date and who doesn’t.

  • Step 1. Build a list of anything and everything you want in a partner. Go wild. This list should be 20 items or more. Examples include: Good looking, great communicator, positive attitude, trust worthy, passionate about work, sense of humor, caring, thoughtful, loves animals, family oriented, etc.

  • Step 2. Cross out any quality you do NOT possess.

  • Step 3. Rank the remaining qualities based on importance from 1-5.

After your next first date, check the list. If your date has the 5 qualities you care about most, go on a second date. If they don’t, move onto the next suitor.

There’s a lot more that goes into this process than that. But the point of system is to ensure you date based on the characteristics you need in your life partner—IE your non-negotiables.

The list is also fluid and editable. If you’re dating someone and realize there’s a must-have quality not on the list, add it and remove the least needed quality.

This will help ensure you’re dating the right people for the right reasons and not wasting your time on someone who won’t make you happy long term.

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