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Why Are You Treated Like a Doormat Instead of Like a Queen

Ladies: Have you ever felt disrespected or unheard in your relationship? Maybe he does things that you don’t like or maybe he isn’t showing you the kindness and respect that you deserve. This doesn’t mean that he is a bad person or that he doesn’t care about you. Your man might just need a little more guidance. He simply might not know how to make you happy and he might need you to tell him specifically what to do. Break it down for him by telling him what you need and be sure to explain why It’s important to you.

You have to set the standards in your relationship and your man has to rise to meet them. If he is treating your right, let him know. He will love knowing that he made you happy! If he just isn’t delivering, you have to hold him accountable. If you don’t, he will probably continue with the same behavior and he won’t give you what you need to feel safe, secure, and loved in your relationship.

Men also need clear boundaries for what is and what is not acceptable. This is also important to make sure that you are comfortable and happy. Be sure to specify exactly what your boundaries are in all aspects of your relationship. This can be anything from telling him what you are ready for sexually to discussing what you need on an emotional level. Don't be afraid to tell him exactly how you feel and make sure that you never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Men actually find these limits to be very sexy and exciting and you should feel free to move at a pace that feels right for you.

If you need more from your man, let him know. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If It’s a good relationship, he cares about you and he wants to make you happy. A little guidance can go a long way! Give your man a roadmap to your happiness and you will both have a wonderful journey together.

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