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How To Instantly Become Happier

I know you come to my advice because I usually stick to the data, the numbers, and then tell you what to do based on my findings. Well, there is something I realized. You can have all the data and the top strategy in the world but if you are not in a happy place you are going to mess the whole thing up. (Contrary to the picture above, no science in this article, just some good old fasion common sense, my life experience, and some FREAKING FUNNNNNN!)


So today I want to discuss a VERY EZ switch to make you happier.

So here is what I want you to do.

I want you to wake up, come up with 5 gratitudes. AKA - 5 things you are thankful for. For example: I am thankful I can walk, I am thankful I have shelter, I am thankful I have clothes, I am thankful I have a job where I can wake up whenever I want, I am thankful I get to help people fall in love. (This list could go on for a long time if I wanted to keep writing and if you wanted to keep reading)

But, I think you get the point so we will move on.

Next, I want you to jump out of bed and do a 5 minute workout. Maybe you do a few air squats, maybe a few sit ups, perhaps a few pushups. The key is, the first time you do this. Make it easy, just something to get the blood flowing. (It is only 5 minutes)

For me, I always wake up cold and certainly not wanting to leave bed. I usually scroll my phone for a bit. This is wildly unproductive and makes me angry that I lost that time forever.

However, once I started doing my 5 minute works out I realized a few things.

1 - It warmed me up

2 - It got me excited to start the day.

3 - It made me not scroll

Then, I want you to go about your day.

Finally, at the end of the day. I want you to think about 3 awesome things you accomplished today. For example, today I am pumped I wrote this blog article. I made an awesome breakfast which was delish! I did a good job swimming laps.

Boom! That's what I am talking about.

What I have found is it is impossible for my brain to go into a negative spot when I start realizing how lucky I am to have all the things I have in my life. It makes me realize how much massive abundance I have and how very fortunate I am.

I hope you realize the same. Oh, and one more thing. There is no wrong answers here and don't be afraid to have your accomplishments feel small. They aren't small, they are fantastic and beautiful, they are simply the descriptor you decide to give them.

My making breakfast example for some will sound like part of any routine and simple. But for ME, it isn't. One of my goals is to improve my energy levels and overall health. Some folks just grab a pop tart and call it breakfast. Shoot, at one point in my life I did that.

But today I cooked vegetables, eggs, and washed/prepared fruit. I am eating a breakfast fit for a champion and thus it is what I accomplished for the day. I am moving my health goals forward.

Anyway, enough of defending my accomplishments... The point of this is to make you comfortable to say ANYTHING that you want. There is nothing too small, too big, too foolish. If it is good for you, then rock and roll, make it your accomplishment.

It is good enough for me and I got your back!

Anyway, we could all used a little more happiness in our lives. Anytime you are down, start listing what you are thankful for and see if you can't start changing your attitude ASAP.

Well friends, this article just came to an end.

I love all of you.

Now go find your happiness!

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