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How to be Vulnerable and Confident to Get the Man of Your Dreams

Mike filmed this video with a chipped tooth. He felt embarrassed and silly but he thought that it was important to be vulnerable and confident. He wanted to show you how important these traits are, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Studies show that the number one sexiest thing for both men and women is…CONFIDENCE! When you are vulnerable with someone, you are showing them that you are confident enough to open up.

So, how can you be vulnerable in your relationship? Don’t be afraid to let him in and tell him how you feel. This can be anything from sharing your fears and anxieties about the future to talking about something difficult that you went through in the past. This will help you really connect and bond and talking about these types of things will also help you to move passed them. Your vulnerability will draw your man to you and really opening up will bring you closer than ever.

Now that you know how to be vulnerable, let’s talk about how to be confident? Speak your mind and tell your man what you want. Confidence is not only sexy, when you are able to come right out and say what you need, you are more likely to get it. Your man will love that he doesn’t have to guess what will make you happy. You told him what you need, he can help you get it, and then he will feel great knowing that he made you happy. It’s a win-win!

Being vulnerable can feel really scary but once you get passed those initial feelings, you will see how many benefits it has. It allows you to let your partner in and really bond and connect with them. It can also help you resolve an issue or find closure. If you aren’t a naturally confident person, the idea of being confident may feel a bit intimidating. You can do it! Once you do, you’ll see how great it is! Your man will find it so sexy, attractive, and refreshing! He will know exactly what he can do to make you happy and that will make him feel great! Feeling sexy and attractive will make you feel great, too! Being confident will also help you get what you need. You will be surprised with all of the wonderful changes that can occur when you are vulnerable enough to let people in and confident enough to stand up for your own happiness.

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