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What is Man's Biggest Limitation in a Relationship?

In the video above, Mike gets personal and shares a story that illustrates an example of a very common issue. Mike and his girlfriend were heading to his cousin's wedding when they decided to stop to get something to eat. His girlfriend suggested that they get some Greek food and they found an awesome sounding Greek restaurant online. Everything was going great until Mike got a little lost. He began feeling really overwhelmed when his girlfriend tried to help me figure out which way to go. Then, when she then tried to have a conversation about something else, Mike totally lost it! Stressed out, he raised my voice at her. He felt awful for losing his cool and hurting her feelings.

Many men have this limitation and prefer doing one thing at a time. This is difficult for women to understand because they have ten times more receptors between the left and right hemispheres of their brains. This makes them far superior in the multitasking department.

There are some things that women can do to help men with these limitations. You can do your best to understand and accept that he needs to do on one thing at a time. Allow him to focus on completing the task at hand. Step back and give him some time to get things done. Once he finishes whatever he is working on, you can move onto something else. This will help him to feel accepted and at ease, he won’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated, and he will feel great once he completes the task. Men love solving problems and getting things done. If he can devote all of his focus to one thing at a time, he can get a lot more done than if he tried to do a lot of things at once and became overwhelmed.

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