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3 Ways To Know If a Guy Is Into You or Not

There are 2 things that drive EZ Dating Coach, Mike, absolutely insane! Number 1: He can't stand when a guy leads a woman on. If you are only interested in sex, just be honest with her. Don't let her think that you are interested in anything more. Number 2: He can't stand when a woman who is looking for love and marriage stays with a guy knowing that he has ZERO intention of ever committing to her. Trying to have a relationship with someone who isn't interested in one will only lead to heartache.

To avoid these issues, you need to find out if your guy is into your or not. How do you do that? It's easy! Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Does he include you in his future plans? Maybe he invites you to a party or an event that is a few weeks away...Maybe he plans a trip or vacation for the 2 of you to go on...Maybe he talks about moving in together... This shows you that when he is thinking about his future, you are in it and is definitely into you!

  2. Is he introducing you to his friends and family? This is very important! It shows you that he is serious about you and your relationship. This is another sign that he is into you! If he wasn't, he wouldn't bother making those important introductions. You are important to him and he wants his loved ones to get to know you!

  3. Is your happiness a priority in his life? Does he do things to try to make you happy? You can test this by telling him that it would make you so happy if you went out to dinner together. If he doesn't take you to dinner, that is a sign that he might not be into you.

Ask yourself these 3 questions and make sure that you are both on the same page. No one's feelings will get hurt and you can both be happy and moving in the direction that you both want to go in.

Wondering if you would be a good fit for coaching with EZ Dating Coach? Book A complimentary 15 minute strategy session HERE and find out. Let's get you a high quality man that will be yours forever.

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