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The Compliment Every Man Wants To Hear

Everyone likes to hear a genuine compliment. It makes you feel loved and appreciated and it gives you a boost to your confidence. When complimenting your man, kind words about his appearance or a skill that he may have are really nice but there is a particular type of compliment that might mean more to him. If you compliment a date or activity that he planned, it will make him feel like a superstar! For example, if you go out to dinner and he picks the place, talk about how delicious your meal or how nice the restaurant is.

Why does a compliment like that have such a big effect on a man? It's not like he made the meal or built the restaurant. Compliments like that make him feel good because it is a confirmation of a job well done. He made the right choice and you are having a great time. He will love that he was able to make you happy. Many men are afraid to be in a long term relationship because they are worried that they won't be able to make a woman happy forever. If he sees how easy it is to make you happy, it will take some of that stress off of him. He'll think, "This isn't so hard. I can do this. I can make her happy".

So, next time your man picks the location of your date, if you are having a great time, let him know. This won't only make him feel good, he will realize how easy it was to make you happy and the idea of making you happy forever won't be intimidating anymore.

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