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3 Steps To Get A Man To Open Up

Society teaches me that they always have to be strong. "Suck it up!"..."Be a man!"..."What are you, a sissy?"... Words like this have been spoken to men and ingrained in them since they were children. They are taught that sharing their emotions is a sign of weakness. This could not be further from the truth. It actually takes a lot of strength and courage to open up.

Men are human and they need to feel free to share their feelings. Women are allowed to talk about their feelings and men should be able to do the same. Society has made this a place where men don't feel like it's OK to open up. We are going to fix least when it comes to your relationship. Here's how you can help your man open up:

Step 1) Make a safe place for your man to share his feelings:

When your man is happy and in a good place, let him know that it is OK for him to share his feelings with you. Whether he is stressed, depressed, anxious, sad, or happy, you are there for him. Tell him that it will make you happy if he shares with you and doesn't bottle up his emotions.

Talking to him about this when he is in a good mood will ensure that he will feel more comfortable opening up when negative circumstances and emotions put him in a bad mood.

Step 2) When he opens up to you, show him a lot of love and support:

When you see that he is in a bad mood, let him know that you are there if he wants to talk about it. Don't pressure him to talk. Just let him feel free to confide in you if he wants to. He might feel comfortable opening up in the safe space that you have created for him. If he isn't ready, that is completely OK. If he is able to open up, really listen to what he is saying. Offer words of kindness and support and let him know that you are there for him. He will love the feeling of knowing that you are in his corner and unloading all of the negative feelings will make him feel better.

Step 3) Thank him for sharing:

After he opens up, thank him for sharing with you and let him know that you are always there for him. Opening up and sharing is also helpful for the relationship. It doesn't only strengthen your bond, it reassures the woman that everything is OK between the two of you. When a man is bottling up his emotions, he might become distant, leaving the woman worried that something is wrong between them. Sharing let's her know that the problem exists outside of the relationship and talking together makes them both feel more connected to one another. Show him that you appreciate how open he is being and make him feel comfortable sharing in the future.

We all have complex emotions and bottling them up doesn't only take a toll on us emotionally, it can actually make you physically sick. Helping your man open up will help him work through his emotions and it will bring you closer together.

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