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When Women Need To Talk, How Much Should Be With Their Significant Other Versus Other Women

When a woman is facing an issue and she needs to talk, sometimes it's hard to know where she should turn. Should she reach out to her significant other or should she reach out to her girlfriends? The answer is...both! When women share with men, they strengthen their pair bond and they feel connected. When women share with other women, they strengthen their social bond and they feel understood. You might be surprise to learn that the day of her cycle actually has a lot to do with it, too. Check out the video below to hear more insights on this topic from John Gray, the author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus".

The differences between men and women are vast and endless. We have different bodies, life experiences, societal expectations and pressures...The list goes on and on. Even our greatest attempts to understand what our partners are going through can be an exercise in futility. This can make communication a challenging and frustrating endeavor. Our differences are often looked at as a negative thing but they can actually be quite wonderful. These differences make things more interesting and allow us to gain new perspectives on things. A man and a woman could look at the same situation and see different ways of dealing with it. If your partner is struggling with something, sharing your unique take on it can really help to resolve the issue. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh set of eyes, looking at the problem different angle.

During the 5 days around ovulation, women are better off sharing with a man instead of sharing with other women. When women share with each other, they can relate to each other and offer caring and understanding words of support. This is important and beneficial on many levels. So why is it particularly important to share with a man instead during those 5 days. When a woman shares with a man who cannot relate to what it's like to be a woman, it gives her a boost knowing that she connected with someone who is different from her. To bridge the gap, she has to clearly articulate and explain her feelings to the man. When they connect, or better yet, when he helps her to resolve the issue, this is great for pair bonding. She feels loved and supported and she appreciates his help and he feels happy knowing that he could help her.

Now that we learned why it is important for women to talk to their men, let's learn why it is important for women to talk to their female friends. Women have similar experiences and face a lot of the same issues so they can often offer great advice. Even if they don't have any advice to offer, just letting the woman know that she isn't alone can be very reassuring. She's been there...she's been through that...she understands... This can be very helpful and encouraging.

Women sharing with other women is not only a great way for a woman to receive support and resolve her issues, it is also great for social bonding. We've learned that during the 5 days around ovulation, it is better for the woman to reach out to a man for advice. During the other 18 days of the month, it is better for her to reach out to other women. It helps to lower her testosterone and increase her estrogen. Talking with friends and doing things for herself will then increase her progesterone, making her feel better. She doesn't only feel understood, supported, and heard by confiding in other women. She physically feels better due to the changes in her hormones.

So, when a woman needs to talk, who should she turn to? Men and women, especially on particular days, can both offer a lot of help and benefits. Her significant other will be able to offer unique insights and her female friends will be able to understand what she's going through. Talking to a man will lead to her feeling more connected to him and talking to her female friends will lead to an increase in Progesterone, making her feel better. Either way, reaching out and talking to men and women will lighten the load, lift her spirits, and help her get through negative situations and feelings.

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