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What is Male and Female Power

Men and women have both masculine and feminine powers. We need to draw from these powers correctly in order to find happiness. Like so many things in life, it's all about balance.

The male or masculine power is confidence, motivation, endurance, strength, and everything that you need to get things done by yourself. It gives you the tools to accomplish tasks, achieve goals, and reach success.

How can women use their male power? Women use their male power at work or when they encounter something that they need to accomplish themselves. Women will find great success by using their male power but to feel lasting joy and love, they should draw from the female power more often than their male power.

The female or feminine power draws others to you, helping you accomplish your goals and get what you need from others. Unlike the male power, when you use the collaborative female power, you utilize help from others instead of accomplishing a goal on your own.

How can men use their female power? Men use their female power in many situations to help them get what they need. This can be anything from getting their team at work to help them get things done to choosing to have more room and comfort by flying first class. Men need to be able to go to their female side without suppressing their male side. As a man, you should prioritize your male power and use your female power to support it.

If you balance your male and female power, you will find happiness in many aspects of life. This yin yang of energy will help you to excel at everything from your relationships to your job to your inner happiness.

John Gray, the author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", discusses this topic in the video below:

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