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How To Text Men During The Day: What To Do and What NOT To Do

Texting is a quick, easy, and increasingly popular way to communicate. Texting a man can be fun but it can also feel a bit intimidating.

"What should I say? Should I be funny and witty? Should I be sexy? What if he doesn't respond?"

Don't trip! If you are feeling unsure about what you should text a guy, just follow these three simple rules!

Rule 1: Let Him Text You First

You might be excited and want to text a guy to let him know that you are thinking about him. This is a sweet thought but it can easily backfire. Especially if he is busy, a text, no matter how sweet, could feel more annoying than endearing. Men and woman are very different and the way that they text is no exception. Many women would love to receive a "Good Morning" text. Most men, however, wouldn't appreciate a text like that.

Rule 2: Use Texting For Logistics

Women can have full conversations through text messages. Men, however, tend to use texting primarily for logistics. What does that mean exactly? When men text, it is usually to set or confirm a date, time, or place. They prefer that things be quick, easy, and to the point. If you need to have a long conversation, a phone call would be a better option. Research shows that you cannot build an emotional connection through text messages. You can, however, build an emotional connection via phone conversations. So remember... Keep it short and sweet when texting your man. Any longer conversations should be on the phone or, better yet, in person.

Rule 3: If You Must Text First, Send A Photo of You Having Fun!

If you are in a committed, long term relationship, send your man a picture of you having a great time while out with your friends. Your man loves seeing you happy! It makes him feel good! You have built a life together and you are able to go out and have fun. He loves seeing that!

Texting fun photos is also a great idea when you are in a new relationship. If you just started dating and you are out having fun, send him a photo! He will be drawn to you and your happy life. By sending him this photo, you are showing him that you have a magnificent life and he can be part of it.

There you have it! Now you know how to text your man! Happy texting!

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