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How do you know if the person you are dating is your soulmate?

When you figure out that the person that you are dating is your soulmate, it can feel like a total revelation. You suddenly just know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this person is meant for you. Doubts may arise later down the road and that is nothing to be concerned about. These doubts are completely normal and natural. Even if he perfect for you, it doesn't mean that everything is going to be perfect all of the time.

Men and women will often mistake other things, like physical attraction, for a genuine, true connection. Some couples might mistake comfort and easiness as true love, too. Feeling used to someone or not having to work hard at a relationship doesn't mean that it's the right relationship for you.

Whether you believe in love at first sight, true love, soulmates, or you just believe that two people can have amazing chemistry and compatibility, it isn't hard to see that two people can just be right for each other. When you find that kind connection that's when you find your soulmate.

It isn't going to be perfect every second of every day. Relationships, even the ones between two soulmates, are a lot of work. This discourages some couples who think that if they are meant to be together, things will always be happy and positive. Working together through the rough times will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. If that person really is your soulmate, they will show you time and time again by being there through the good times and the bad times.

John Gray, the author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", delves deeper into this topic in the video below:

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