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4 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

Are you in a relationship but you just aren't sure if he feels the same way about you that you feel about him? Here are 4 signs that he is falling in love with you:

1) He makes future plans with you

This is huge! If he is booking trips or planning to go to events with you, he's expecting that you guys are still going to be together months from now. One of the biggest ways to tell that you are in love with someone is to think about the future. If you can't picture it without that person, that is a pretty good sign that you are in love! By making future plans with you he is showing you that when he looks to his future, you are in it.

2) He introduces you to his friends and family

Many men don't tell their friends and family about a girl unless they are serious about her. If he introduces you to his friends and family, especially if he introduces you to his parents, that is a big sign that he is falling in love with you. It shows that you are important to him and he wants to bring you into his inner circle. It is also a big step if he wants to meet your friends and family. He is looking to get to know you better and he wants to bond with the people that you are close to.

3) He will do things with/for you that he doesn't want to do

This is part of the transition from being single to being in a relationship. When you are single, you only have to report to yourself. When you are in a relationship, you now have to report to 2 people; yourself and your significant other. You don't just worry about yourself and your needs, you have to worry about your partner and their needs. If you see him doing things that he might not necessarily want to do, that's a sign that he loves you. He is putting what you want to do above what he wants to do. He might skip watching a football game to go run errands with you or maybe he'll go see a movie that he isn't interested in because he knows you've been wanting to see. He loves you and he wants to make you happy. You are important and your happiness is a priority for him.

4) He keeps dating you even after you refuse to sleep with him

This is important early on in the relationship. If you can get a guy to make it to date 5 or 6 without having sex with him, that shows you that he really likes you and he wants to get to know you. Making him wait will show you that he is not just looking to have sex. He is really interested in having a relationship with you.

There's no need to guess whether he loves you or he loves you not! His actions will show you how he feels about you.

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