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3 Steps To Get Men To Chase You

Dating efficiently for women can be the most confusing process in the world. At first, I will tell you to go wild and message every man that makes sense for you. The next minute, I will say "do nothing and let him come to you." Any woman reading this should want to tear her hair out and say, "Mike! Make up your mind! Do I sit back or pounce?"

The answer is simple and can be broken down into two steps.

First, message every guy that looks good for you and yes ask these men on dates. Why should YOU, being the woman, ask him, being the man out? Because Men do not see you as a real live person until they meet you in person. Thus, you need to get to the date as fast as you feel comfortable. Once you are on a first date, he can fall in love with your beauty, get to know your personality and determine if he is interested in you and vice versa. But until he sees you, you might as well be a figment of his imagination. You do not exist. Thus, get your butt on the date if you don't want men to disappear online.

Alright, now that you are going on dates, how do you get a guy to chase you.

Well first, watch this video and I will show you.

Next, here are the 3 Steps To Make Men Chase You

STEP 1: Go On The Date - Well that was simple and straight forward! Well there is more to it. Dating should be fun, exciting, and exploratory. However, if you are looking to settle down sooner rather than later it also better be strategic. What do I mean by that? Before you go dating, build you perfect man list. This should be a laundry list of 20-40 items you want in the perfect man but narrowed down to your top 5. Now, during the date, you should be asking questions that hint at whether your date has your top 5 qualities. If he doesn't have your top 5, move onto the next guy. If he does have your top 5 and you enjoyed the date, proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: End Date The Right Way - Assuming your date has your top 5 and you have fun say this, "I just had the best date of my life with you. I really hope I get to see you again." You say that slowly and confidently. You drop the mic and you walk out.

STEP 3: Do Nothing - Do not text, call, or email. It is finally time for him to chase you. This step is so vitally important because it gives you all the information you need. If he calls/texts you in the next 72 (hopefully 48) hours, hopefully asking for another date then he likes you. If you don't hear from him than 98.5% of the time he doesn't like you. If you hear from him, he has your top 5 and you would like to see him again then agree to a 2nd date. If you hear from him and he doesn't have your top 5 then don't agree to 2nd date.

Finally, repeat STEP 3 after every single date until you are exclusive. It is important once he knows you are real that he comes after you.

Wait! I forgot the most important part. Do not have sex with him until you are exclusive. He must chase you and chase you and chase you until he wants to lock you down. He will want exclusivity for a few reasons:

1. He thinks you are fantastic

2. He wants to finally have sex with you

3. He is convinced he has found a prize that few men could have earned - He only feels this way if you don't have sex with him. If you have sex with him on date 2, whether it is true or not he will assume you do this with every guy. Thus, he is NOT special. And, if he is not special, then you are not special in his eyes.

Alright ladies. Let's break down one more time so we are crystal clear. First, message every guy possible and be aggressive to be all your competition and land a date with the best guy possible. Next, end the date like a rock star by complimenting how awesome the guy is and how much fun you had. Finally, do nothing and find out if he likes you by him finally reaching out to you. If you do this process over and over again, you will find an amazing guy who is going to chase you for a lifetime.

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