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4 Signs He Actually Likes You and Won't Disappear

When you live with a partner, you see them every day. You can choose to communicate with each other at almost any time. If you are unsure of something, or something is bothering you, you simply ask your partner and talk it through.

However, if you are in the single world then none of this is quite possible just yet. When you are dating someone new you may see that person once per week or even less. Also, you are probably not talking every day. Because of the amount of communication in new relationships and the fact that you don't know each other well yet there can be lots of confusion in regards to intentions, life goals, and overall compatibility.

So since we can't bundle 2-3 years of dating/communicating with each other into some magic potion I did build a system that is quite accurate at telling you if your guy is serious about you.

Ready to see the system?

Learn It In This Video:

Here Are The 4 Signs He Actually Likes you and Won't Disappear

1. He Makes Future Plans With You - Imagine if it is January and together you book a vacation to Costa Rica in June. He wouldn't book this vacation, put his money at risk unless he was sure that he wanted to still be dating you by June.

2. He Introduces you to Friends and Family - If he is bringing you home to meet mom and dad. He is serious about you. If his mom is anything like mine, even a small whiff of a girl in my life means at least 45 minutes of questions. Thus, I never bring up a woman unless I am serious about that woman. I bet your guy practicing the same principle, unless he is a momma's boy, which is a whole other story.

Now, imagine if he is taking you home to meet family? You are in! High five.

3. He Does things with or for you that he doesn't want to do - If on Saturday, instead of relaxing he is going with you to Macy's to shop, which is most likely not his favorite activity then he is doing this because he wants to make you happy. If he sacrifices his own happiness for yours, you better believe he is doing this because he sees a future with you. Of course, he needs to decide to do these things, on his own, if you force him, he is going to disappear. It might not happen this week, or month, but I promise eventually he is going to be gone.

In order to cover all my bases. How do you invite him to activities? Say this:

"You would make me the happiest woman in the world if you would come to Macy's with me on Saturday." Now you allow him to respond. If he says, "yes." You say, "thank you so much, you are best!"

Finally, on Saturday make sure to thank him and maybe even tell him, "wow, you are such an amazing guy. I can't believe how sweet you are to come shopping with me on your Saturday. Thank you so much."

Side note: If you give me the praise stated above, I might go to Macy's with you ever Saturday. Men LOVE when their woman is happy. The Happy wife, Happy Life mantra is alive and well.

Finally, make sure to ask for what you want. Men are not mindreaders but actually LOVE when you give them a roadmap to your happiness. (We hate guessing what you want to do.)

4. He Takes You On 5 Plus Dates Without Get The Cookie - Let's over generalize but assume men are looking for sex and find love, while women are looking for love and find sex. In this case, the guy is looking for sex, doesn't receive it on date 1, 2, 3, and so on. Why does he keep asking you out? Well, around date 5 plus, most likely he found something special about you. He thinks there may be a future.

I put the number of dates at 5 because men may be willing to wait four dates to get laid. But, if a man is purely looking for sex, he most likely will give up before 5 dates. Reason being, there is most likely another woman out there who is willing to have sex with less effort. However, if he makes it to date 5 plus with you, he is intrigued and wants to keep exploring with you.

You now know the signs of a man that likes you. If your guy are doing these four things he is in it with you. Now just have a blast with him, get to know him, and figure out if he is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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