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How To Compliment Men Vs. Women

I am sure you have already figured this out from all my other articles but men and women are entirely different. Men require independence, appreciation, affirmation, and acceptance in a healthy relationship while women need support, validation, understanding, and attention/affection. While of course these adjectives are not all encompassing they are good start for what we require in amazing relationships. In this article and video I want to focus on how women can compliment men to get the best results. You will be shocked that the way men want to be complimented is the exact opposite of how women want to be complimented. Here is a video illustrating this exact point:

So How Do You Compliment Men?

1. Compliment The Activity He Planned: Declare your happiness to him.

If he plans a date to go to a park. Say, "This park is amazing, I am having the best time with you."

If he takes you to a restaurant. "This salmon is amazing, thank you so much for taking me here. We are also having such a great conversation, I love spending time with you."

When he pulls your chair out for you. "You are such a gentleman. Holding chairs is a lost art but clearly not for you. Thank you so much."

Compliments That Are Less Effective on Men

1. Complimenting His Physical Appearance

"I love that shirt on you, you look amazing."

"I love your new haircut, you are so handsome."

Men will say thank you and maybe even smile to the compliments above but they will find the most happiness from knowing that they are needed and then appreciated by you. They will feel needed when they pull out your chair, needed when they find you the best restaurant, or needed when they pick a great park to walk around in. On top of that, they will feel appreciated when you compliment them on their great selection. So ladies make your man feel like a million bucks and compliment the activity not the man.

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