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3 Texts To Make Him Chase You

Technology makes flirting safe, fun, and…efficient! The following 3 texts will make him chase you and remind you to be gentle with his heart and ego when he comes running.

Before we get to the 3 texts to make him chase you, a quick review of safe, fun and efficient.

  • Texts are safe for flirting because there’s little risk of physical harm.

  • Texts are fun for flirting because we’re able to access a bolder side of ourselves.

  • Texts are efficient for flirting because—hello—we don’t even need to get out of our PJs.

Let’s say a Goddess like you is in the dating stage and have gone on a couple dates with a guy but you’re unsure of your potential heartthrob’s feelings and you want to get to know him better before deciding if he deserves more of your time. First, you need to make him chase you.

Blame evolution or biology or society, but the reality remains: Men chase. Women choose.

Men value what they work for. Sure, we all do, but men value the effort and therefore the prize—you—more.

Texts To Make Him Chase You #1

“I’m mad at you! ;) You popped into my mind at work and I was so distracted I had to…”

Followed by… nothing! Dead air time, girl friend!

Why it works…

It starts with a tease, moves into an innuendo, and leaves off with wonder. You let him know he’s on your mind and subtly lead him to believe the thought might be naughty. Then you give him the opportunity to chase.

If he replies back right away, he’s interested or at least titillated and curious. If not, he might be uninterested, or just busy.

No matter when he replies, if he wants to know what you “had to do…” here’s your next move…

Texts To Make Him Chase You #2

Wait five minutes then reply with, “Hahaha! I’ll tell you in a bit. Busy right now. xo”

Why it works…

You let him know you’re laughing, then you stall him indefinitely, then let him know you’ve got a life and are in demand (“busy”), and finally finish with sweetness (“xo”).

You don’t want to drag this out too far or he’ll feel defeated and give up, so…

If he persists in wanting to know what you did after allowing thoughts of him to lead you to distraction, then give him a specific time in the near future that you’ll get back to him.

“I’ll text you after 6pm… xxx!” (Then make sure you do. No guy likes a flake.)

Then, sometime between 6:20-6:30pm, text him, “Hey, stranger!” It’ll throw him off and get the conversation rolling.

If he’s super curious or super into you, he’ll likely have already texted you first. Giving the 20 - 30 minutes past 6:00PM lets you find out. Then again, if he doesn’t text you first, he might be busy. Either way, use the same text, “Hey, stranger!”

Now, time to explain your “distracted actions at work” say something like—

“I had to go for a walk and get some fresh air! ;)” or

“I had to go talk with Tony, the gay guy with great hair! ;)”

Both of these deter the convo from going down the sexting path. Sexting is for a good time not necessarily a long time.

If he doesn’t persist in wanting to know more at this point, he’s either a crappy communicator, hates texting or quite possibly is not that into you. In which case, text this.

“ “ (In other words—nothing. Nada. Next. Move on. #efficiency)

Texts To Make Him Chase You #3

Let’s say you’re wondering about the crappy communicator guy, because you can’t help but like something about him—or some other guy who’s feelings you’re unsure of—try this one…

“Hey Sexy! I’m with some friends at X place, you should come!”

Why it works…

You open with a sexually validating compliment—note: never call a man “cute”—then intrigue him by having a life and friends, then honor him by inviting him to said full life. Bonus: The assumption of “you should come” instead of “do you want to join us” shows confidence.

If he’s interested he’ll either show up or try to make alternate plans in the near future. If he’s not interested, he likely won’t join you and won’t try to make plans.

3 Texts To Make Him Chase You Recap

  1. You’re doing a guy a favor by setting up the chase, because men want to chase.

  2. Men value what they work for.

  3. Be fun, be safe, be flirty—winks, “xo’s” and subtle innuendos work wonders.

  4. Enticing texts give a man who’s on the fence incentive to chase, but…

  5. If he isn’t into you, he isn’t right for you! Next.


About Your Author

Anna Jorgensen is a dating coach in Vancouver, Canada and founder of Anna offers online programs on how to understand the opposite sex, get sexy and find love while being authentically you.

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