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3 Rules On How to Keep A Man

Men are visual creatures and certainly find attractive women appealing. But, when it comes to keeping a man, looks have NOTHING to do with it.

So, what skills will keep him coming back for more?

1. Make him feel needed.

Strong, successful, career-oriented women no longer need men. Men were hunters and gatherers, men were providers. The roles have changed and women don't need men to hunt, gather or provide, but, men still want to feel needed. What do I mean by needed?

It can be as simple as asking your man to bring you a glass of water.

You can ask him for advice.

You can ask him to open a jar for you.

If your man doesn't feel needed by you, someone else will surely ask for and appreciate his help.

2. Appreciate Your Man.

Once you have made him feel needed, the next step is to appreciate him for his help. If he takes the garbage out for you, you could say, "You are such a strong man. Thank you for taking the garbage out."

When he does work, he wants to be rewarded for it. If you compliment him or thank him, that is his reward. Notice and acknowledge him helping and it will become contagious.

Advanced Move: Men should compliment women directly. "You look so beautiful tonight, I love how your butt looks in those jeans." Women should compliment men by speaking highly of what they are doing together.

For example, if your guy takes you to dinner, tell him, "What an amazing restaurant this is, my food is fantastic." Your man will love this! It will be as if he cooked your dinner himself and he will feel great for making you happy.

3. Make Him Feel Accepted.

Everybody has weird idiosyncrasies, especially men. Some men need to play video games once week, other men secretly love N'Sync, but in order for a man to stay with a woman forever, he needs to know that whatever he secretly likes or wants to do is 100% accepted by his woman. If he doesn't feel 100% comfortable in his skin around you, I can promise he will eventually head for the hills - at least up there he can act like himself.

There you have it. Make him feel needed, appreciate him, and accept him like no one has before. I promise you, he will never leave your side because you are the only woman with the skills needed to keep him fully captivated.

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