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Can A Person Change Their Love Life Instantly?

Yes. It is my opinion that people can and do make massive changes in a split second. Let me give you an example. Remember last time you had a job that you didn't really like. For awhile you just keep chugging along telling yourself, "It is not that bad."

But eventually something terrible happens, it jolts you like a punch in the gut, and all of a sudden you are at your breaking point and immediately looking for a new job.

Well this exact same phenomenon is going to happen in your dating life and in your love relationships. Sometimes in a relationship you hit a breaking point and decide to break up.

Sometimes you are single and decide, right now I am no longer going to settle for being single.

Well this is something I want to discuss more.

83% of my clients get into a relationship during 6 months of coaching with me. However, what is more interesting to me, is what is the difference between the 83% and the 17%?

Why do the 83% succeed when everyone is giving the exact same strategy?

Since, I HATE losing, and LOVE helping people accomplish their goals I needed an answer so everyone will be successful.