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6 Rules For Fighting With Your Significant Other

Have you ever been present when a couple fights? Was it extremely awkward? I was present for a close friend screaming back and forth with his girlfriend. I remember pondering, "Man, I wonder if these two are going to make it?"

Almost ten years later, they are happily married with a child which begs the question, "How are they solving conflicts now?"

My friend, not a dating expert, psychologist, or anything else relevant gave some pretty damn good advice. Check it out:

1. Stop Drinking Vodka

2. Don't Scream/Curse/Name-Call. It tends to make you the asshole even if you're right about the initial disagreement

3. Take your losses, you don't have to win every fight

4. When apologizing, don't follow with an excuse/explanation. Just Apologize

5. Give both parties time to cool down after a fight. Different people take different amounts of time to get over things.

6. Forgive and accept sincere apologies quickly. Don't be the asshole that holds grudges.

What do you think, good advice? Send me a message and let me know your thoughts.

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