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5 Ways To Make a Man Feel Needed When You Don't Need Him

This is the 21st century, women are independent. Women are supporting themselves in the workforce. Women are marrying later. Women can do anything a man can do. No one is questioning any of these assertions. But should women still make men feel needed when they don't need them?

In regards to landing and keeping a husband, my answer is 100% yes. If you don't make a man feel needed he is going to be heading for the hills quick.

However, if you don't need him, and maybe he knows it, how do you accomplish making him feel needed?

Let start with the easy ones:

1. Let him fill up your water cup and say "thank you" when he does it (Obviously you can do this yourself, but that "thank you" is going to have him smiling ear to ear and feeling like he CAN do things for you)

2. Ask him for help with anything. Ex: Writing a resume, opening a pickle jar, or even opening the door for you. "Would you mind getting the door for me" ... "Oh you big strong man, thank you." Over the top? You bet it is, but try it and see how big his smile is.

3. Next time he gets you your cell phone, give him a big wet one

4. Grab his arm when walking down the street. "I feel so safe in your arms." Once again, have you ever seen a smile so big?

5. Ask for Advice - I am a man, I don't know why but we LOVE to give advice. I think it makes us feel important, like we are making a difference for another person.

Whoops, there aren't any hard ones, guess you will just have to practice the easy ones. Now go make all the men in your life feel needed even though you are more than capable do everything yourself.

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