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Will Posting Half Naked Pictures On Facebook Get You A Husband?

I am the perfect dating coach to answer this question. I hate to admit this, but I probably go on Facebook 10 times a day for scrolling purposes and I am a man who used to pursue women on Facebook. (I actually got a first date via messaging my current girlfriend on Facebook)

Here is exactly what happens when a woman posts a half naked picture like the one below on Facebook:

1. Man internally says either, "Gross, not attracted to you" or "I want to have sex with you"

If man says the latter, he either keeps scrolling or sends the girl a message.

The "message guy's" only intention right now is what is the fastest and easiest way to get this woman into bed. Even if it comes in the form of "Long time no talk, how are you? What is new" or any variation of this message.

Since we are no longer caveman and can't do the following:

men now resort to a civilized socially acceptable offering of sex.

Now, chances are, you are going to get a few dates from a bathing suit picture. You are going to think, wow, posting these pictures really works. However, what happens on these dates? Does the guy try to take you home in the first night? Although I do believe that men do look for sex and find love while women are the opposite, there is a better way to get a more high quality date through Facebook.

Try a picture like this: