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How To Keep the Chemistry Alive In a Relationship

Every relationship has a honeymoon period. We have all felt it. It is that great feeling when you finally feel butterflies for someone. Even after the butterflies disappear, if the relationship continues to progress you eventually fall in love. Now, after 3 months, 6 months, or 2 years later or more the chemistry has started to fade and it is time to see what the relationship is made of.

First, here is how I define chemistry fading:

1. Sex/Intimacy has decreased to once per week

2. Routine of activity has set in

3. Dates or seeing each other is just going through the motions

4. You may start to wonder if there is someone better out there

Now, some daters will send their significant other swiftly back into the dating pool to go searching for that "high" that can only be obtained in the honeymoon stage. But for the rest of us that want to stay with the person we are with, there has to be a way to re-gain the chemistry.


I spent countless hours researching this and eventually got fed up with many writers coming up with lists as long as 15 plus to get the romance back. Although I didn't disagree with the advice, this is EZ Dating Coach and everything needs to be easy because if something is hard to do, no one is going to do it. Thus, I have figured out there is only 2 things you need to do to get chemistry back.

1. Compliment Your Partner and Remind Them Why You Fell In Love With Them

This is so valuable. Everyone gets insecure. Everyone needs to be reminded of their great qualities. If you can make your man feel special, loved, and appreciated, he will be in a more loving spot to 1. return the favor and 2. provide you with whatever you need in the relationship to feel special.

2. Break Routine and Do Something New/Fun with Partner

This is a must. Routine is amazing for pro athletes, sleeping, avoiding getting sick, and many other reasons. But if every week you watch Netflix on Friday, order a pizza, and go to bed, eventually your weeks will get stale. Shake things up and do something different.

Plan a weekend away, HAVE FUN TOGETHER, and be curious about how your man has changed since you last got to know him. The exciting part about relationships is that your partner is constantly changing so there will always be new things to learn. Not to mention, your partner is always learning new things every day, perhaps you can get him to teach you what he learns. It could be something very interesting to you, not to mention, men love to show off their knowledge and feel smart in front of their ladies.

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