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Is Sex On The Third Date The New Standard?  I am NOT Ready!  What Should I do?

Date 1: Drinks

Date 2: Drinks, maybe dinner out

Date 3: He Invites you to his house for a "home cooked" meal

"Netflix and chill", inviting you over for a cooked dinner, this is all code for "I want to have sex with you".

If you are not ready to have sex yet, what are you supposed to do?

I would suggest saying the following when he invites you over for dinner. "Thanks for the amazing offer, that sounds delicious and I definitely want to do that in the future. But for now, I would rather meet in a public place and keep getting to know each other."

Why is this message phenomenal?

1. "Thanks for the amazing offer" - Shows your man appreciation for his actions

2. "I definitely want to do that in the future" - You are not shooting him down, you are just pushing back when this date will happen

3. "I would rather meet in a public place" - Dating is hard. No need to be nebulous in what you want. Now he knows this third dates needs to be at a restaurant, movie, or any place that is not private. He also should be aware that you are not ready for sex yet. (This does not mean with 100% certainty he won't try anyway)

4. If he is just dating you to get laid, there is a decent chance after reading this message he may cancel the third date. If he does this, he was only cooking in hopes of getting in your pants.

5. If he sets up a date in a public place, there is a high chance he really likes you, wants to get to know you better, and finally is willing to wait to have sex.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Men are looking for sex and they stumble upon finding love. When they are dating, it is their job to attempt to get laid. Now that you know this, don't be mad when he attempts to jump your bones. This is male human nature and a compliment that he finds you attractive. But as a woman, it is your job to set your boundaries, he doesn't get the prize until you are 100% ready.

If you are looking a for a serious committed relationship, "READY" should entail monogamy or at minimum a man that is doing the following:

1. Introductions to Friends/Family

2. Making Future Plans Together

3. Willing to speak on phone daily

4. Not texting to setup sex once per week

5. Scheduling dates in advance

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