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How Long to Wait Before Saying "I Love You" and Should the Guy Say It First?

Have you ever said "I Love You" to your new significant other and in return heard crickets? If you have, you know this might be one of the worst feelings. It leaves you insecure, worried, and also puts a lot of pressure/strain on the relationship.

If you are feeling love for your partner should you blurt it out immediately?

Unlike almost every other blog post, I am NOT going to give you a definitive answer. I am simply going to tell you what happens in both instances and let you decide which scenario works better for you.

First, let's discuss saying "I Love You" as soon as you are feeling it.


1. No secrets, open lines of communication (Very Healthy Trait to have in a relationship)

2. YOU feel stress relieved by getting it off your chest (I bolded YOU because sometimes speaking is purely for the benefit of the person speaking, not the listener)

3. Saying "I Love You" is one of the best compliments you can give a person