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How Long to Wait Before Saying "I Love You" and Should the Guy Say It First?

Have you ever said "I Love You" to your new significant other and in return heard crickets? If you have, you know this might be one of the worst feelings. It leaves you insecure, worried, and also puts a lot of pressure/strain on the relationship.

If you are feeling love for your partner should you blurt it out immediately?

Unlike almost every other blog post, I am NOT going to give you a definitive answer. I am simply going to tell you what happens in both instances and let you decide which scenario works better for you.

First, let's discuss saying "I Love You" as soon as you are feeling it.


1. No secrets, open lines of communication (Very Healthy Trait to have in a relationship)

2. YOU feel stress relieved by getting it off your chest (I bolded YOU because sometimes speaking is purely for the benefit of the person speaking, not the listener)

3. Saying "I Love You" is one of the best compliments you can give a person


1. The person does not feel the same way

2. When you say "I love you", you don't want to say it once. You want to shout it from the rooftops. If he/she doesn't say it back, you must likely are not going to be saying it again for awhile.

3. If the person is not ready to say it back and doesn't, for the next few weeks/months there could be immense pressure to say it or end the relationship.

I know many men/including myself that have had a woman say "I Love You" first have seen strain put on the relationship. The lack of the term of endearment being reciprocated caused conversations like "Where is this relationship headed and so forth" (Although a great conversation to have, imagine what you will feel when he says, "I want to get married one day but I am not there yet". Coupled with not saying "I love you", the average person would feel pretty insecure in the relationship and it could bubble over to questioning the stability of the partnership. Do YOU want to add this pressure?


Second, lets visit holding "I Love You" in to wait for your partner to catch up.


1. No pain, insecurity from potentially not hearing the words back

2. Zero Risk

3. Keeping the relationship light and airy so the guy can eventually on his own terms get to feelings of love and more importantly wanting to spend the rest of his life with you. (Note: It is not easy to find love, but based on the divorce right and the amount of monogamous relationships that end it is clearly way harder to find and make a life partnership work)


1. Suppressing your feelings

2. Maybe he loves you too and his scared to say it too (stalemate)

3. If you are dying to tell someone how you feel, it is really hard to keep it a secret.

4. If you love him and he doesn't love you back, it may end a relationship that was never going to work anyway

Alright ladies and gentleman, that is the breakdown of telling your significant other, "I Love You" first. I hope you can weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that is right for you. I know after re-reading my pros and cons I am certainly leaning towards one direction being the correct approach.

Which approach do you think is better?

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