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Why You Should Assume Your Lover is Right 100% of the Time

I watched a social experiment on a YouTube where people were asked to rate their success on a scale from 1-10. Most of the scores ranged from 4 - 8. However, when family/friends were asked to rate their loved ones, almost everyone gave a 10. The lowest score was a 9.7.

What did I learn from this video?

I am confident and love myself. But, my loved ones perception of me is always going to be higher than I perceive myself.

How Can This Be Used For Your Benefit?

Most likely your perception of your loved ones is extremely high. You would probably rate their success a 10. Along the same lines of that, you probably think they have other amazing qualities. For example, smart, kind, funny, thoughtful and so on.

Since you perceive your loved one in such high regard, I propose a massive paradigm shift in the way you view arguments.


Next time you get into a small tiff with a loved one and they offer their stance which is 180 degrees different than yours, assume they are 100 percent right.


What if they tell you, "gravity is not 9.8 m/s²"

It doesn't matter. If you believe the person is a 10. Maybe he/she is right about gravity. For the rest of the conversation, since you know your loved one is smart, kind, funny, thoughtful and so on, assume he/she is 100% right on this issue. Argue his/her point.

See what happens?


Would you rather be right in an argument that doesn't matter or would you rather be spending time together doing something fun?

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