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You Will Be Shocked This is What You Should Do After a Promising 1st Date

We all go on so many first dates. Most of them are not great. However, every once in awhile the date goes very well. You get home, you start thinking about the person and begin to see how your life could be different with them in it. You have feelings of butterflies, excitement, and curiosity about whether this person could be something great.

However, soon after, you start to wonder, should I call the person, should I text, will he reach out to me? Ah!!!!!! What should you do?

First, you need to have a process on whether this person truly has the qualities you need in a life partner. This process can be found here. No willy-nilly dating here. We only focus our time on men that meet the standard we know we need!

Now, assuming he has the traits YOU NEED. The next step is super simple.

Do absolutely NOTHING.

Don't over think it, don't text him. Do NOTHING.


Why are you doing this?

The man's actions after early relationship dating will tel