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How To Respond When Someone Asks For Naked Pictures

One of the biggest complaints my female clients have are guys bombarding them with nude picture requests. That and unwanted penis pictures.

This behavior can be fun and make a relationship more exciting when both parties are comfortable with each other. But in the early stages of dating, a naked photo request puts women in an awkward situation.

On one end you probably don’t want to send a naked picture to someone you're still getting to know. On the other side you don’t want the man to feel rejected.

With that in mind I give you my patented "naked photo" request response:

"I love sending photos but I reserve that fun for men I’m in an exclusive relationship with. Maybe someday that will be you. Until then you’ll have to earn it."

I love this response because men should be rewarded when they perform the behavior you want them to perform.

In this case, you want this man to continue to chase/court you, but in a less sexual fashion—for now. Once he does the preferred behavior of making the relationship exclusive, he will earn the possibility of photos if you feel comfortable.

In general, men need to receive more benefits in a relationship then when they are casually dating. It will motivate them to get into a relationship and eliminate the fear of being committed.

Here are some other ways to intice them:

1. Priority response to texts/phone calls

2. Special sex reserved for monogamy

3. Availability to weekend dates and prime nights; Friday/Saturday Night

4. On demand sex

5. More active role in understanding your man and making him comfortable

6. Cooked meals for the week

7. Love notes

Bottom line is the transition to monogamy should be one of triumph and a better lifestyle together. Not handcuffs and regret. Now go out there and make men throw their hands up in the air in pure happiness to be with you!


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