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How To Build Your Online Dating Profile the Right Way

The best resume gets the job interview. Online dating is no different. The best profile gets the date.

There are a couple key differentiators between the 95% of online profiles, which are not getting optimal results, and the 5% that get 10 to 20 times more communication.

Here’s how you can optimize your online profile:


2. Don’t talk about previous relationships

3. Be positive

4. Be honest

I highlighted Be Specific because that is the moneymaker. When men look at a profile they want something to send a message about. If you write, “I have a yellow lab named Clover who I walk in central park every morning,” you’re doing two things:

1. You’re telling them something specific about yourself they can relate to

2. You’re giving them an opportunity to message you about a subject they feel comfortable discussing

For example, the typical man might write back something like, “I love labs too. I actually have a black lab named Laddie, who just turned 7. How old is your dog?”

Boom! Conversation started.

What Else is Important in an Online Dating Profile?

Tell the world what you enjoy doing and paint a picture of what your life looks like. If you bike ride every day, make sure you say that. If you like painting, mention that. The point is attracting people with similar interests as you and avoiding people who don't share your interests.

Of course you will still receive messages from men that don't read profiles. But your high quality profile will also attract men serious about finding love. They are the ones analyzing and evaluating your profile based on their interests and they are the ones you want to meet.


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