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Are A lot of Options Helping or Harming Your Love Life?

Brian rolls into his plush New York City midtown office at 8:30AM to start his work day. He takes a sip of coffee and opens up email. By 9AM he has caught up with email and is ready to start the day. WAIT! Tinder time.

Swipe Right, Swipe Right, Swipe Right, maybe an occasional Swipe Left for good measure. Match, match, soon to be match, and so on.

He slides into the matches section of tinder and has 13 new ladies he is yet to type to and three girls he is mid conversation with. By noon he has planned a date for Tuesday at 8PM, and a date for 7PM on Thursday followed by a date at 9PM Thursday (Two in One Night!). In case you are wondering, yes this does happen and yes this is more the norm than not happening, especially in the city that doesn't sleep, NYC.

The Data

Now, if Brian is averaging 3 dates per week. In one year he will go on about 156 dates. However, Brian has been single for three years. Thus, Brian has been on about 468 dates. WOAH! That is a lot of dates! Brian is a busy man.

If Brian has met 468 women, do you think it is possible that maybe, just maybe one of these women should have been a great match for him? Well... I hope so! However, for some reason Brian is still single. Now, Brian is not single by choice. He candidly does want a girlfriend, but just like EVERYONE ELSE, he does not want to feel like he is settling. Due to women always looking bigger and brighter from a far he keeps dating new girls and doesn't give good matches a fair shake.

The Findings

Unfortunately, or fortunately,