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5% of Online Daters Get 10 Times Higher Quality Men, Want To Be Part of the 5%?

95% of online dating profiles are ineffective according to the analytics of one of the major online dating sites. I am sure everyone reading this is entirely skeptical of this statistic. However, let me explain why it is 100% accurate. This statistic is not saying, the grammar is poor or the writing is bad.

This statistic is stating, in terms of telling a story that leads to messages, 95% of online profiles are uneffective. Here is why. The Profiles do NOT HAVE Specific Content.

Let me give you an example of a profile that is intelligent, coherent, and is probably from a wonderful person but will NOT receive many messages:

I come from a small town in North Jersey and have enjoyed the small town thing for the most part, but I'm eager to see what else this world has to offer. I admit that I really haven't traveled or experienced as much as I would like to by this point in my life, so I'm hoping to find someone who would like to share is some new life experiences with me. I enjoy going to concerts and being outdoors (really just being active overall). The relationships I have with my family and friends are very important to me. I consider myself to be a loyal friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, etc. I would also say I make a pretty great girlfriend. : )

Now I am going to re-write this so we can all see a more specific profile that will solicit messaging.

I grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ where there was two restaurants in the center of town, 0 chain stores, and Friday night was going to the Bridgewater Mall or going to someone's house. Now, I live in the city and love experimenting on Boqueria's menu or even a good steak at Del Frisco's.

I love concerts and I enjoy going to see Zedd, Kanye West, and his polar opposite Taylor Swift. (Yes, I wish they would make up and go on tour together)

I recently hiked Fort Lee's Historic Park and my bucket list is to climb Machu Picchu. I heard a rumor in the next few years it may not be climbable due to environment changes, anyone know the details around this?

In terms of family, I have Sunday dinner back in Basking Ridge every week and we usually play the card game Rage once every month. My dad almost always wins, I am going to get him one of these days. :)

I also do soul cycle twice a week and then play zog soccer and volleyball year round.

The major differences between these profiles is one tells you who she is, while the 2nd one shows you who the person is with very specific details of what she does.

This is just the beginning in terms of creating a better online dating profile. If you are ready to be a part of the 5% of online daters who are attracting most of the high quality men, Click below for my 100% FREE Video that will walk you through all the steps. (You just need to enter your email for the video)

Of course, selecting the perfect profile picture is still the gatekeeper. If you are ready to entice more men, but specifically the right man click below and then enter your information so you can view my 100% FREE Video on how to create the Perfect Profile, Perfect Message, and the Meet the Perfect "One".

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