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Meet the Love of Your Life at the Grocery Store!

A few months ago I was in Aspen Market buying some groceries when I saw the most stunning woman, possibly in the Greater New York City Area. She was about 5'7, long straight brown hair, beautiful blue eyes (I think? I am color blind) and a very fit athletic body. I was attempting to focus on picking out ripe tomatoes but she truly caught my attention.

Anyway, I remained determined to finish my shopping and I got some squash and broccoli and walked right by her while she was intently looking for salsa.

Five minutes later I circled back around and realized I needed salsa. Amazingly enough she was still looking for some. I started thinking, beautiful and determined to find the best salsa on the planet, this was my kind of girl! Now there was no way I was not going to talk to her.

I stood next to her but a few feet away, both of us facing the salsa and I confidently asked "So which Salsa is the best?"

The beautiful burnette replied "Don't hold me to this, but I am getting this one" as she pointed to yada-yada salsa. I immediately grabbed that salsa and said, "Sold, I am sure it will be amazing"

At this point, she started wandering off and I let her go as it seemed she was in a rush.

Why did I tell you this long winded story about a girl I didn't get the number of? Because men and women alike miss thousands if not millions of opportunities to meet people during the day while at the grocery store, the morning commute, at a museum, and so on.

Today I will give you some tools to approach anyone.

Please take in mind, the approach I am about to teach is the most nerve wrecking but definitely the most rewarding once you get over the FEAR of actually doing it!

Ok Ladies and Gentleman, Here We Go! (Both Men and WOMEN should do this)

If you see someone you are interested in, go up to them and tell them exactly what caught your eye.

For example, I should have said the following to the blonde.

"Excuse me"


"You are absolutely beautiful" (Speaking slowly and confidently, making eye contact, and going dead silent right when I finish)

Let the compliment marinate, stare at the person and see how he/she responds.

I have tried this method between myself and my clients thousands of times. There are two results. One, the person is flattered and wants to chat with you, and hopefully conversation ensues and numbers are exchanged. Two, the person is flattered but not interested because he/she has a gf,bf, not attracted to you, having a bad day, and various other reasons.

HOWEVER, even the not interested person results in a HUGE SMILE and a very gracious recipient 9 times out of 10. Thus, I refuse to consider this a failure, but merely a person going out of their way to compliment a stranger that hopefully makes that person feel great for a moment or even a day.

Anyway, please try this out and let me know if I am correct that there is only 2 responses to this "pick up" line.

Happy Dating,

Mike Goldstein

Can't Read


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