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What Makes A Man Addicted To You And Want To Commit

What Makes A Man Addicted To You And Want To Commit

A man is ONLY going to commit to you and be addicted to you if he feels like you are special, you are one of a kind, like no other woman he has ever met.

Because why would he commit to someone who is alright, fine, kinda fun. Would you commit to a man who was just alright? Of course not! So men do the same thing.

In this video, we are going to teach you some skills that 99% of other women simply don’t have and probably don’t even know about.

Now, these skills are very EZ concepts but may take you a while to get good at executing. So, be patient with yourself and take your time adding this to your arsenal.

Today you take the first step in learning skills men find rare, special, and nearly impossible to be duplicated and thus inspire high quality men to commit to you and only you.

To make him addicted I broke this into 4 concepts and an EZ acronym to remember.

The acronym is NAAB.

The first concept is to make him feel needed. For the first time in human history men are having a massive identity crisis. Men are no longer fully needed as the provider and protector. Women can provide for themselves.

Men used to be the only person in the work force. The male “thing” was making money for the family. He was the breadwinner.

Now, women are in the workforce, in many cases making more money than the man which leaves the man confused as to what his new place is?

But, you are here to build your man up and provide him with direction. You realize, that a man without PURPOSE is a sad sight and frankly is like a lost puppy without a home.

Instead, you will make him feel needed. It can start even on date 1 on a coffee date by simply asking him, “I forgot to grab sugar for my coffee, would you mind grabbing me some sugar?”

After he gets you sugar, simply say “Thank you. You are such a gentleman.”

Many of you may be thinking, Mike, you are crazy, I can get my own sugar. You are 100% right, you can. But, why would you get up when you have an opportunity to give your man purpose and give him what he is craving, the 2nd A in NAAB, APPRECIATION!

As a woman, have you ever tied your happiness to how your relationship was doing? Although, not healthy, I think it sometimes happens. Well men, also not healthy, a lot of the time judge their level of life success by how happy their woman is.

So if you are happy and then give him appreciation or thanks for that level of happiness